Care and Cleaning

Follow these instructions to achieve the best results and properly care for your Chalk Supply brush!


China bristle brushes need a quick cleaning with an oil soap to help to condition the bristles, just like you would condition your own hair. This should be done prior to first use and after every following use. Put a nickel-sized drop in your palm and work the wet brush into your hand until the brush suds and you see the bristles are clean. Rinse well and wrap your brush in paper (construction or kraft paper works best but paper towels will do). Wrapping your brush is what helps to keep the brushes shape and prevents fraying. Allow to thoroughly dry before use.

If a deep cleaning soak in mineral spirits is necessary, rinse with lacquer thinner after soaking to remove the oily residue and finally clean with soap and water. Wrap your brush in paper and allow to thoroughly dry before use.

Before each use, use your hands to firmly comb through the bristles to remove any loose hairs.