Product Reviews

Sarah T on August 27, 2014
Worth the extra for a special chalk paint brush.. Makes application much easier than any other way... Rinses out easily as well. Great!
    on July 15, 2015
    These brushes are the best! Half the price of Annie Sloan brushes and I think they are better quality. No shedding. Fast shipping too!
    jspecht on September 21, 2014

      Good brush, will get other sizes!

      Mom of Many on October 7, 2014

        This is a good size of brush for medium-sized projects (read: benches, smaller coffee tables, etc.). I used it on a large dresser and while it performed just fine, I might opt for the large next time. I've been using Annie Sloan chalk paint on several projects and it did lose some hairs initially...maybe for the first two dressers---but after that I haven't noticed any. I use lye soap to clean the bristles and they've held up really well. I did have an issue with the first brush I ordered drying funny, even while following the directions (and do read those, it helps!) and the company was fantastic about responding quickly and helpfully, and I've been very impressed overall with their service. I hope that continues as they grow, and they should---I have 3 of their brushes now and like them all very much!! They are very similar to the ASCP ones I've used....nice semi-rounded tip and the bristles stay well-formed if you follow their care instructions. Would highly recommend as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brand-name
        on June 23, 2014

        I chalk paint almost daily as a part of my interior design business. Up until recently, I had two Annie Sloan brushes that I rotated. I had gotten to where I often had several pieces going at once and really needed more brushes so I wasn't using them before they had dried from being washed. I decided to take the plunge and try this brush and I LOVE it. It is just as nice as my Annie Sloan brushes (the difference is almost undetectable) and I am a very happy customer. Bristle breakage and loss is normal (even with Annie Sloan's brushes that cost 2-3 times as much and can be minimized by working the bristles back and forth and side to side with your hands as well as washing your brushes with a good lye soap. Lye soap contains lard and the lard works to condition your brush. My Annie Sloan stockist sells the lye soap I use (little white lye and big fat lye), but you can buy it from a lot of stores or make it yourself. If you take care of your natural bristle brushes, they will indeed take care of you!

        Christine Plunkett on May 2, 2015

        Love it! Perfect size for painting my cabinets and still able to get paint into the corners and detail work. I have been using this brush steady for nearly a week of work and it has held up well with very little shedding. Good value for a nice product.

        on May 18, 2015
        Great brush and so much more affordable! The brush did shed a bit the first couple of uses but then no issues at all!

        on June 4, 2015
        Very nice quality!

        on May 23, 2015

        love it
        JCTV13 on January 12, 2015

          Arrived on time, great price for the product and high quality. Thanks!
            on March 1, 2015
            Wonderful brush!

              on March 29, 2015
              Awesome chalk brush. Hold paint well. Shedding is minimal. Smooth lines

              on January 31, 2015
              Perfect brush, great price.

              Connie Runion on April 15, 2015

                Very nice paint brush. Love it.

                Southern Gal on November 16, 2014

                  Very nice brush. Like the size for my project. It did lose a few bristles, but very few. A bit pricey, but then most better brushes are as far as I'm concerned. That's why I try to take good care of my brushes.

                    on January 17, 2015

                      This brush worked great for me because the edges allow the wax to get into grooves and crevices.

                      on September 4, 2014
                      Love this chalk paint brush.

                      ja on December 22, 2014

                        Everything and more than I thought it would be.

                        on July 27, 2015
                        Excellent quality and fast shipping

                        on April 1, 2015
                        Works very well with chalk paint.

                        stacie shepard on June 26, 2015

                          awesome for my projects

                          on March 4, 2015
                          Great purchase for chalk painting.

                          MED on April 19, 2015

                            Perfect for intended use

                            on February 23, 2015